Thursday I Am Thankful…

. . . for you.

So many of you read my blog and share it. Your interactions with me on Facebook and other social media sites is invaluable to this ministry. And so I thank YOU, for liking and sharing my posts.

As a tangible thanks, I love to do periodic giveaways. This week I have 3 winners. These ladies were randomly drawn from a group of you who “liked” my posts on and “shared” those posts through your favorite forms of social media.

I am excited to send 1 signed copy of Barren among the Fruitful and 1 “Be Hopeful” necklace to…

  1. “Annette Rochelle Aben” (Monday’s winner)
  2. “mfellen” (Tuesday’s winner)
  3. “aunderwood2034” (Wednesday’s winner)

***Winners, please click “The Story=> Contact” on my website to contact me with your addresses. I am so excited to be in touch with you!***

Author: Amanda Hope Haley

Amanda Hope Haley is a lover of the Bible—its God, its words, and its history. She holds a master’s degree of theological studies in Hebrew Scripture and Interpretation from Harvard University, hosts The Red-Haired Archaeologist podcast, has ghostwritten for popular Christian authors, and contributed to The Voice Bible translation. Amanda and her husband, David, live in Tennessee with their always-entertaining basset hound, Copper.

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